As the winter season rolls around, we should be looking for extra ways to try to stay healthy. The colder months make for crisp and dry air that can trigger a whole range of health complications. This includes allergies, dehydration, and irritated skin. Plus, it also means that viruses are able to roll around faster too—putting you at risk of getting sick right before the holiday season.

There are many strategies for staying healthy this winter, with one of the most important being getting humidifiers for home use. Your home is your sanctuary and is a place that should look after your well-being, with humidifiers ensuring that you breathe clean and healthy air.

What is a Humidifier?

If you are wondering what a humidifier actually is, look no further than here. It is a nifty little machine that is designed to add moisture into the air, which in turn helps keep you hydrated and healthy. Many people see the biggest results from humidifiers in regard to their skin, their sinuses, and their ease of breathing. Studies are finding that humidifiers also play a huge role in helping to prevent you from coming down with the flu or common cold.

There are many different types of humidifiers to choose from. Here’s a quick synopsis of each.

Central Humidifiers: Helping the Whole Home

A central humidifier is designed to go directly into your air conditioning unit so that the humidity reaches every corner of the house. This means that no matter what room you go into, you will have quality air in there.

Evaporators: Blowing Moisture Everywhere

An evaporator is a humidifier that will use a fan to get the moisture throughout the home. These tend to be more budget-friendly compared to a central humidifier, but the main difference is they really only help one room of the house at a time.

Impellers: Child Friendly

Some humidifiers can be risky for children to use. This is why impellers can be a great type of humidifier to get because they generate a cooler mist and have no risk of burning kids who get too near it. Just like evaporators, they only really work in one room at a time.

Steam: Portable and Effective

A steam humidifier is powered electronically and generates heated water that is then cooled and dispersed into the air. This is a budget-friendly option that you can get multiple of so every room has one.

Ultrasonic: Quiet and Effective

An ultrasonic humidifier is a great option for anyone who wants to have both cool and warm mist. It is also kid-friendly and effective, helping you keep your whole house healthy.

Why You Need One This Winter

If you are wanting to stay healthy this winter, then getting a humidifier is a great precautionary step. No matter what type of humidifier you do get, the end goal is the same—to balance out the air in your home so you feel great and avoid getting sick.

There are numerous benefits to getting a humidifier. We’re sharing the top five ways in which your winter will get healthier and cozier with one in your home.

1. Reduced Risk of Viruses

The global pandemic is still going on, in addition to a whole range of other viruses and infections you can be at risk of getting. Humidifiers in the home are able to prevent those pesky viruses and bacteria from getting into your home and putting you at risk.

2. Enhanced Skin Quality

The winter months mean that your skin is more at risk of becoming extra dry and irritated. This means that your skin will benefit greatly from the extra moisture in the air thanks to a humidifier. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body and deserves to be cared for all year long—especially in the winter when it is most at risk. Healthy skin is happy skin—and a humidifier can help make that happen.

3. Sleep Better

During the winter months, it can feel hard to get quality sleep sometimes, especially if your sinuses are blocked. A humidifier is able to help clear out your sinuses so you can spend more time snoozing and less time tossing and turning. Plus, you need quality sleep during the winter so your immune system can be charged up to keep you healthy.

4. Keeps Plants Alive

The dry air from winter can also put your plants at risk. A humidifier gives your plants the moisture they need to stay alive and look great during the harsher months.

5. Provides Allergy Relief

In the winter months, those who have allergies can be more at risk to be triggered. The moisture from a humidifier helps prevent that from happening,


With so much to benefit from humidifiers this winter, why wait to get one today?

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