Giving your dwelling space a simple overhaul doesn’t have to cost as much time and money as you might think. In fact, there are lots of easy home upgrades on Amazon that’ll make a difference in the way your house looks, feels, and operates. With just a few minor changes, your home will instantly feel renewed and more user-friendly — all without breaking the bank.

Items such as decorative adhesive paper, globe string lights, and soft sheet sets can instantly spruce up your home, making it feel cozier and more aesthetically pleasing. Also, technological improvements such as smart outlets or light bulbs in your bedroom and living room will allow things to operate smoothly and efficiently.

Additionally, placing small products like footrests, reading lights, mini heaters, and humidifiers around your home will add an undeniable air of comfort to its overall feel. Meanwhile, things like waterproof doorbells, foldable storage boxes, and over-the-sink dish-drying racks can provide convenience in the way you organize and store items around your home.

Before beginning your next home improvement project, you may want to check out some of these amazing products. For under $35, each one is quite the deal.


A Rotating Organizer That Holds All Of Your Favorite Makeup Tools & More

Keep your makeup tools neatly organized with this rotating organizer. It has several compartments that can hold lipsticks, brushes, nail polishes, jewelry, and more. The holder offers 360-degree rotation, so you have easy access to every item stored.


An Oversized Tub Mat With Hundreds Of Suction Cups For Stability

This large bath mat features hundreds of suction cups for stability and safety. Made of BPA-free materials that are antibacterial and mildew resistant, it features small drain holes to help avoid bacteria and mold growth. The mat is also simple to use and clean; just toss it into the washing machine for quick laundering between uses. Pick your fave of many cool colors.


This Wall-Mounted Adapter That Offers Multiple Charging Options

This wall-mounted adapter features two high-speed USB ports and six AC outlets for easy multi-charging capabilities. Great for the home or office, it can attach to any standard wall outlet and offers a surge protection indicator for added safety. Use it to charge phones, tablets, and more while also simultaneously powering your television, computers, lighting, and beyond.


This Sleek Shower Caddy That Installs Without Tools

This shower caddy basket is large enough to hold shower gels, shampoos, conditioners, and soaps and also features four hooks that can accommodate washcloths, poufs, towels, and more. The attractive stainless steel design is rustproof and the perfect fixture for any bathroom. It adheres via a strong and transparent adhesive that’s easy to install and remove as needed.


The Squeegee That Cleans Shower Doors, Windows, & More

Use this squeegee to remove buildup on your shower doors, car windows, and more. It features a 10-inch rubber blade and a lightweight handle that’s easy to manipulate and use. The design allows it to be stored just about anywhere.


A Double-Compartment Toilet Plunger & Bowl Brush

This toilet bowl cleaner and plunger combo is a great space-saving option. The compact two-compartment holder will keep your bathroom tidy and organized. The brush features nylon bristles and an ergonomic handle that’s easy-to-use while the strong suction plunger with heavy-duty action.


This Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser & Holder

Simplify your morning routine with this automatic toothpaste squeezer, holder, and organizer. The auto dispenser squeezes out the perfect amount of toothpaste, preventing waste and mess while also serving as an area to hold your brushes. There’s also a large storage tray to place other miscellaneous items such as soap, combs, cosmetics, shaver, etc.


These Dishcloths That Have The Absorbency Of Sponges

This set of dishcloths are strong and super absorbent for heavy-duty cleaning. They come in a pack of 10 that can be laundered in your washing machine, so you can use them over and over again. Each one is super durable and abrasive enough to scrub pots, pans, and dishes alike. Choose from an array of colors.


A Metal Kitchen Knife Block With Room For A Cutting Board

Place this knife and cutting board holder on your countertop for easy access. The design is modern and compact, making it great for smaller areas. The sturdy metal and pine device also serves as a nice complement to any decor, and there’s room to store a cutting board.


The Beautiful Satin Pillow Cases That Come In A Variety Of Colors

This set of satin pillowcase will leave your hair and skin feeling soft and smooth night after night. They each feature an envelope closure and launder easily in your washer and dryer between uses. Select from an array of colors.


The Felt Storage Bin That Can Be Folded When You’re Not Using It

This felt storage bin is a simple way to organize any area of your house. It features a stylish design that’s easy to match with your existing home decor and can be collapsed and folded when not in use. It also has two side handles for quick and easy transporting. Pick your fave of six colors.


These Down Alternative Pillows That Feel Like They’re Filled With Feathers

You can enjoy the look and feel of real feather down with these down-alternative pillows. They’re hypoallergenic and filled with synthetic polyester fiber balls that can be removed (or added) for customized comfort. The microfiber shell is soft and comfy, and the design even works to repel dust and other allergens.


The Smart Garage Door Opener That Connects To Your Phone

If you ask me, this wireless garage door opener is great for any household. It allows you to open and close your garage door from virtually anywhere via smartphone, and can also be set to predetermined times. Simply add it to your existing garage door system for a quick upgrade.


A Durable Memory Foam Footrest That’s Good For Your Feet, Legs, & Back

Made of durable memory foam, this footrest is both supportive and comfy. It features a rounded design and has a washable velvet cover that’s soothing to the soles. The device is easy to use in any setting, taking the pressure off your feet, knees, and back while helping to improve blood circulation.


A Furniture Repair Kit To Make Your Old Stuff Look New Again

Whether you’re trying to update an old wooden dresser or your scuffed up table, this repair kit can help. In addition to eight wood-colored markers for easy scratch fixes, it includes eight wax sticks and eight wood fillers, all of which are also colored as wood. There are also brushes, a sharpener, and a spatula for easy application.


This Smart Plug That You Can Control With Your Voice

This smart plug is the answer to all of your electronic woes. It works in conjunction with Amazon Alexa devices, allowing you to voice-control any outlet so you can schedule your lighting, cooling, heating appliances, and more. This one installs easily; simply plug it in, open your Alexa app, and you’re all set.


A Set Of Patio String Lights That Cast A Warm Glow

Place these string lights on your porch or balcony for a warm lighted ambiance. Each string has 25 hanging bulbs with 12-inch spacing between, and it can be interlinked end to end connect with other strands (three total). Choose from black, green, or white wiring with clear bulbs, or pick the multicolored light option.


This Tub Drain Protector That Stops Clogs Before They Start

Eliminate the nuisance of clogged drains with this nifty TubShroom. The device fits inside your drain and collects hair and debris before it ever has a chance of settling in. Designed to fit into any standard sized tub or sink, it makes for hassle-free living and cleanup.


This Mop & Broom Holder That Hangs On Your Wall

Install this rack to hold all of your mops, brooms, and more. It offers an easy-release feature and fits compactly on nearly any wall — whether it’s in your storage closet or kitchen. Each section adjusts to fit every handle’s thickness, and the entire mount can hold up to 7 pounds in weight.


A Broom & Dustpan Set That Snaps Together

Use this broom and dustpan set to keep your home or office nice and tidy. The set can be clipped together or hung for easy storage, and it’s made of durable materials. Not to mention, it’s the perfect size for pretty much any kitchen or small area.


The Multicolor Echo Glow That Connects To Alexa

Pair this Echo Glow with your Alexa device for voice-activated operation. Whether you set the bulb to a soothing glow on a calm night or a multicolored light show for a dance party, this smart lamp can help. You can even program it to change colors during countdowns to daily activities, such as dinnertime or a movie night.


The Clear BPA-Free Storage Containers For Your Kitchen Cabinets

If your kitchen cabinets are nearly overflowing with a delicious assortment of snacks, canned foods, sodas, and more, these organizers can help tidy it all up. Not only are they stackable, but they’re also BPA-free and transparent so that it’s easy to see what’s inside each one.


This Deep-Pocketed Microfiber Sheet Set With Over 22,000 Reviews

It doesn’t get much better than this microfiber sheet set, which boasts over 22,000 reviews. The purchase includes one deep-pocketed sheet, one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillowcases — all of which are breathable, soft, and hypoallergenic. They’re available in over 25 colors and 11 sizes, ranging from twin to California king.


This Personal Space Heater That’s Great For Any Small Room Or Area

This personal space heater is great for use on your nightstand, office desk, tabletop, or other small areas. It heats up in seconds and offers tip-over protection. It’s also compact and available in four different colors, including black, white, blue, and pink.


These Triple-Outlet That Can Control Your Outdoor Lighting

This triple-outlet is just the thing you need to control outdoor lighting, decorations, and more. It comes with a remote and built-in sensors that detect when it’s getting dark outside to automatically power on as needed. The device also allows you to program it to specified times if desired.


These Smart Light Bulbs That Add Some Color To Your Home Decor

Enjoy the convenience of these smart lightbulbs anywhere in your home. They work in conjunction with Alexa, Google Home, Siri, and more — and they’re fully controllable via voice or app. The LED capacity offers a long lifetime, saving you a ton of money on your electricity bill.


An Easy-To-Install Faucet Head With 3 Water Settings

This faucet head is easy to install and use. It’s made of high-quality ABS and stainless steel and features three water-saving modes with pressure that can be adjusted to suit your needs. This device has the ability to reduce energy costs and water consumption in half, saving you money while helping the environment at the same time.


This Marble Wallpaper That Can Make Your Counters Look Like New

Not only is this marble wallpaper is a DIYers dream, but it’ll also make your countertops look brand new. It’s made of PVC and includes a self-adhesive backing, making it perfect for small, yet impactful upgrades in your kitchen, bathroom, and beyond. The white and gray pattern offers an authentic marble look and feel, making it perfect for any project.


The Dishwasher Magnet That Lets You Know If Everything’s Clean

Not sure if your dishes are dirty or clean? Well, this dishwasher magnet is here to help. Simply place it on the front of your dishwasher and use the shutter to slide between the easy-to-read options. This package also contains double-sided tape to use if your dishwasher is not magnetic.


The Dish-Drying Rack That Unravels Over Your Sink

If you don’t have room for a big dish-drying rack on your counter, go ahead and give this option a try. Instead of remaining stationary, it can be unrolled over your sink so you can dry dishes right over the basin. It also features stainless still piping that’s held together with sturdy silicone edges.


These Drawer Dividers That Keep Your Delicates In Order

Instead of keeping your delicates in piles within a bedroom drawer, you can add these dividers and create organization. The four-pack has cubbies that are great for sorting socks, bras, underwear, and more. They’re made with non-woven fabric to help prevent the growth of mold and are available in seven colors.


These Clothing Storage Bags With Windows To See What’s Inside

Instead of guessing where your seasonal clothes are every year, pack them into these storage bags. Since they have windows, it’s simple to see what’s inside of them. They also have durable handles, making it easy to take them in and out of storage. Plus, they’re foldable and easy to store when not in use.


A Decorative Marble Diffuser & Mister

Put this diffuser and humidifier in any room for great-smelling mist throughout the day. The BPA-free, marble-designed product is decorative on any table or countertop, all while helping purify the surrounding air. It has a large 350-milliliter capacity, two misting modes, and ambient lighting.


The Humidifier That Directs Mist Where It’s Needed Most

Use this large-capacity humidifier in your bedroom or living room to enjoy comfortable and moist air. It works for up to 24 hours without refilling and automatically directs mist to areas that need it the most. The reduced noise design ensures that it operates quietly while the auto-off feature offers added safety.


These Bright Strip Lights That Are Powered By The Sun

These solar strip lights help you illuminate the pathway to your home, garden, pool, and more. They’re durable, flexible, and easy to install. The eight lighting modes make them great for any occasion while the warm white light offers soft and functional illumination.


These Cut-Resistant Gloves To Keep In Your Kitchen For Easier Meal Prep

You can reduce the occurrence of kitchen accidents with the help of these durable cutting gloves. They’re made of cut-resistant materials and feature superior gripping, allowing you to cut, slice, peel, and chop fruits, vegetables, meats, and more with ease. Each glove is designed to fit snug on hands of different sizes.


This Smart Camera Offers Motion-Detection Monitoring

You can use this Wi-Fi camera to film any area in real-time. It’s simple to navigate and can be operated and monitored through your mobile device. The two-way audio and night vision also allow you to communicate and see anyone on the other side of the camera while mobile notifications alert you whenever motion is detected.


These Drain-Cleaning Tools That Are Simple To Use

Instead of calling a plumber next time your drain gets clogged, pull these drain snakes out. Each one is essentially a long, flexible barbed wire that can be lowered down the drain to catch hair and other debris. They also have handles that make them easy to hold and navigate while you’re cleaning.


A Flat Outlet Cover That Hides Plugs & Cords

You can rid your house of plugs and cords while still having full use or your sockets while using this outlet cover. It’s super thin and easy to plug into your existing outlets, and the design easily blends in with your decor. It also includes double-sided tape to help you secure any cords against the wall.


This Magnetic Wristband That Holds Nails, Screws, Drill Bits, & More

An amazing accessory for anyone handy around the home, this magnetic wristband holds nails, screws, bolts, drill bits, and more. It’s lightweight and easy to wear, helping to keep everything you need right by your side. Simply put it on and get to work without assistance from anyone else.


The Clever Office Timer That Sets Work Intervals

Place this digital timer and clock on your desk, nightstand, or countertop to stay task with your daily activities. It features an LCD screen that displays the minute intervals for the timer settings, along with volume buttons that adjust to three different levels. Just turn the clock to the amount of minutes you need to complete a task, and the timer will start.


A Magnetic Tool That Picks Up Small Objects With Ease

Use this magnetic telescoping tool to pick things up as you work on your next home project. It features a powerful magnetic head that attracts objects like screws and nails, and it comes with a rotational neck that bends and extends. The bright LED flashlight on the end also offers three levels of brightness for clear visibility.


A Toilet Paper Holder With A Convenient Storage Shelf

Place this toilet paper holder in your bathroom to store, organize, and dispense. The free-standing design is durable, lightweight, and easy to assemble without tools, holding up to three rolls of paper at a time. It additionally features a top shelf that can hold reading materials, phones, cleaning products, and more.