Painting a room is the quickest and often one of the most cost-effective way to change the entire mood of a space. Just as important as the shade you choose is the quality and finish of the paint, which can affect everything from wall texture to light reflection, so spending a few more bucks on a proper brand could benefit your room tremendously.

To find out which brands are best, we heard from several experts who know their paint. Those experts include Paige NeJame of the South Shore CertaPro Painters in Massachusetts, who broke down some basics including tips on what to look for when getting quotes from painters if you’re hiring out.

“It’s important to know that all paint brands have ‘fair’ and ‘fantastic’ interior paint grades,” Paige explains, “so customers need to beware of a paint quote with only a brand name listed. For example, when a painter tells you they use ‘Benjamin Moore paint’ it explains nothing about the paint they’ll be applying. You need to know the grade of paint within the Benjamin Moore brand that’ll be applied.” Paige also notes the difference in quality and cost in a Benjamin Moore paint (just as an example), includes traits like paint washability, color retention and resistance to fading, low odor, and environmental friendliness.

Aaron Zimmerman, a New York City art handler with 25 years of experience including high-level interior painting jobs for residential clients explains, “Basically the better the paint, the more color particles they put in it. Cheaper paints have less pigment and they don’t cover as well, leaving you with a finish that looks more plastic.” This once again points to a need for quality when shopping around, and his suggestions reflect the tastes of a consumer looking for a luxurious, refined paint job.

Tonya Bruin, the CEO of To-Do Done, echoes those notes in suggesting Benjamin Moore paint–a popular choice, as you’ll see below–by telling us, “It’s a very high-quality paint, so painters never have to worry about any filth or direct sunlight tainting the coat. The brand is also known for its colours’ vibrancy and longevity. But it’s such a high-quality paint that just about anyone can use it and make their paint job look like a masterpiece as it leaves virtually no brush strokes behind.”

Keep reading to see more valuable insights such as these and to determine which of the following paints suits your interior needs best. Whether you’re freshening up old walls with a fresh coat of white paint or ready to add some color into your life, the following suggestions have you covered and coated.

Once you’ve chosen a new shade to spruce up the place, take a look at our favorite current furniture and decor pieces by independently owned brands that will elevate your space to a whole new level.

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Sherwin-Williams Duration Home Interior Acrylic Latex

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Paige’s first general recommendation is for the Duration line from Sherwin-Williams which touts “exclusive cross linking technology that actually repels stains” as one of its many advantages alongside smoothness and quick application. It’s great for heavily trafficked areas thanks to this stain resistance, and it comes in different finishes for many purposes. Mattes are best for walls according to Paige, and the semi-gloss finish works better for trim. Less coats are needed for full coverage with this option.

Buy now £69.99, Sherwin Williams

Farrow & Ball Rectory Red No.217 in Estate Emulsion

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This bold color choice is obviously a niche one, but Aaron’s recommendation of Farrow & Ball as a brand came with the advice that their heavily pigmented shades work best when taken advantage of for their “rich, deep variety of colorful paints.” He also says of the brand: “The finishes that you can get with this brand are more refined and sophisticated in the end, and the pigment to base ratio is much higher making the color much richer. It’s the highest-end paint you can buy that I know of and the best in my experience, so this is for luxury residential places: mansion, Park Avenue penthouses, etc. They also offer the best customer service and color consultation and coordination services on the market. “

Buy now £120.00, Farrow & Ball

Benjamin Moore Regal Select Waterborne Interior Paint

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Aaron’s next shout out went to a more reasonably priced option for folks trying to stretch their money but still in search of a luxe interior. He says of Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select line, “This is a more middle of the road, decent paint. It’s one of the most commonly available paints in New York, and the price point is more for the average consumer’s budget while maintaining quality.” Other desirable qualities found in this option include a quick-drying finish, seamless blending when touch-ups are required, and a primer-free formulation that will save you tons of time and effort.

Buy now £25.59, Ring’s End

Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint Interior Acrylic Latex


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Our next option comes via Cerissa Tate, an interior designer with 16 years years of experience who specifies paint for “color consultations and complete remodels.” Cerissa chose a Sherwin Williams paint, specifically the brand’s Superpaint line.

“The coverage is amazing because it is highly pigmented AND it has primer in the mix,” she explains, noting the paint “also rolls on easy, and unless you have coarse textured walls it knocks it out the park with one coat!” The company talks up this specific paint’s great “hide” factor as well, meaning it is fantastic at covering old colors in a flash.

Buy now £60.49, Sherwin-Williams

Behr 1 gal. Ultra-Pure White Base Semi-Gloss Interior Cabinet and Trim Paint

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Madison, Wisconsin contractor Andrew Wilson came to us next with recommendations that include Behr, which he calls, “a great brand for interior painting due to its affordable price and durability. Unlike other paints with smells, most of Behrs interior paints don’t have any strong smells associated with them.”

Using that info, we browsed Behr’s selection via Home Depot’s website and found this handy five-piece kit that comes with paint and the accessories you need to use it in a variety of shades and finishes for a customizable and convenient product. The products found inside are great for beginner looking to complete a quick job, and the wide array of colors means your creativity can run wild and look great doing so.

Buy now £47.65, Home Depot

Rust-Oleum 7881830 7881-830 Appliance Epoxy 12 oz White

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Shane Dukta, the founder and general manager behind Review Home Warranties (check them out here), got in touch to remind us that interior paint isn’t just about walls and trim and offered up a suggestion for Rust-Oleum, in particular the epoxy and Protective Enamel sprays.

“Rust-Oleum is the go-to brand for specialty interior paint jobs on furniture, appliances, hardware, and metal surfaces,” Shane explains of the epoxy spray. “This is because they are formulated to be far more durable, anti-corrosive, and water-resistance, traits that aren’t standard in most regular interior paints.”

Buy now £3.96, Amazon

Rust-Oleum 7792504 Protective Enamel Paint Stops Rust, 32-Ounce, Gloss White


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The epoxy by Rust-Oleum wasn’t Shane’s only choice from the company though, and he also talked up the rust-stopping protective enamel paint for specialty jobs. “Enamel paint is also known for its durability and, in some cases, heat-resistance, making it the perfect choice to paint interior appliances like stovetops, refrigerators, or laundry machines.”

He also makes sure to note that for both picks from the company, DIYers should factor in extra finishing time. “Rust-Oleum’s Enamel and Epoxy Spray lines do tend to dry a little slower,” he warns, “around 10 hours at a minimum and sometimes as much as 24 hours on larger metal appliances.”

Buy now £19.12, Amazon