Dr. Kregg Delange

David Seaba, of Montezuma, has a tooth pulled by Altoona Smiles dentist Dr. Eric Forsberg, with assistance from treatment coordinator Kelli Nielsen, on Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2021, during the annual Smiles from the Heart program, offering free dental care to the community. More than 60 appointments were made to receive free dental care during the event.

You might not assume of your dentist as an investigator but when it will come to your oral health and fitness, I choose on that position.

At each and every dental check-up with me, you will observe that I use a gloved finger to truly feel the sides, roof and base of your mouth. I will also elevate your tongue to glance beneath it, and I will palpate your neck. What is going on? 

I’m hunting for signs of oral cancers. These cancers are irregular cells in any aspect of your mouth or lips. Oral cancers are rather uncommon, but mainly because they are not straightforward to detect, they may possibly not be observed till a later phase when they can become really severe. Which is why every single dentist checks your mouth for lumps, bumps and crimson or white patches. The base, sides and back of your tongue are popular web-sites for oral most cancers, which is why it gets a comprehensive inspection, also.