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Cleaning tools are on sale at Aldi this week as part of their special buys promotions – you can pick up carpet cleaners, steamers and ultrasonic cleaners for a low price.

There is everything you need to be able to give your home a January reset – and start 2021 on a fresh page.

The popular Aldi stick vacuum, which many compare to much more expensive brands, is back for just $99. It includes a one year warranty.

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The spin mop set is just $29.99 and includes a bucket, two mop heads and and the mop handle.

For $12.99 Aldi shoppers can pick up a sponge squeeze mop or a four piece rubber broom set which includes a telescopic rubber broom.

The huge sale also includes a $99 carpet cleaner with a three year warranty – to help keep your carpets looking fresh all year round.

There is also a handheld steam cleaner for under $30, and Electric Window cleaner for $39.99 and 50 textured wipes for $5.99.

The special buys cleaning promotion begins on January 20 until stocks last. 

Stock levels for special buys products can be checked online.

A customer posted the news to an Aldi Facebook group after stumbling upon it by accident while browsing the store’s site. 

‘Letting you all know that Aldi have a new website just to check on the availability of Special Buys,’ the shopper wrote online.

The feature will make it easier for customers to keep up to date with the latest product information and will ensure to never miss out on a popular buy.

The convenient ‘stock checker’ can be found on the Special Buys tab under ‘check available stock’.

Users simply need to search for the desired item they want to buy and their postcode.

The feature will display an image of the buy, product information and the availability at the nearest location.

It also shows the price of the item along with a list of suggested products the shopper may also wish to purchase. 

After the shopper revealed the discovery online, others marvelled over the new website addition and shared their excitement.

‘Fantastic! thanks for the share, so much easier to check stock now,’ one person said.

To keep on top of the product information further, customers can view product delays at different store locations under the Special Buys Product Delays tab on the website.

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