Patio Preference Yellow is a person of two new, tiny fruiting, All American Picks tomato varieties.

On or about the very last day of June, I’ll sashay out to my property tomato patch, select the most important, juiciest Beefsteak tomato I can discover, cradle it in my trembling palms and hurry to the kitchen area, where I’ll diligently slice a thick slice and lovingly lay it on two new slices of white bread liberally coated with Duke’s mayonnaise.

With coronary heart-pounding anticipation, I’ll little by little elevate the large “mater sandwich” to my mouth, get a big chunk and moan with ecstasy as sweet red juice runs down my chin, staining whatsoever shirt and trousers I materialize to be donning. Summer months formally will have started!

Horticulturists speculate that the tomato originated somewhere in the Andean Mountains of South The united states, probably in the area we know as Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. It is very likely that animals and birds spread seeds of the wild cherry tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum var. cerasiforme) northward more than 2,000 miles to Central The us, exactly where it was domesticated by pre-Mayan Indians. It is from this wild species tomato that all contemporary tomatoes descended.

I had excellent enjoyment many decades in the past developing this wild cherry tomato in my backyard. The small tomatoes, only ¼ inch in diameter, had been delicious but not approximately as sweet as modern hybrids. The vines, on the other hand, ended up exceedingly vigorous and almost took around my garden. It was straightforward to see why this aggressive species survived and distribute from South America to northern Mexico.