If you want to start off your day with a healthy drink then preparing a banana smoothie is certainly something that you should try. This refreshing and healthy smoothie is definitely going to help give you the nutrients that you will need for the day and did I mention that it tastes great too? You can even add some protein powder to this tasty drink so that you can instantly convert your smoothie to a protein-filled drink which is perfect if you are going to the gym or working out.

But banana smoothies are not always a good thing. In the eyes of a homeowner, it can be a major cleaning problem if it accidentally gets spilled on the carpet. This is a situation which tends to happen quite a lot and it leaves many homeowners frustrated and annoyed.

If you are facing a banana smoothie spill on your carpet at home, try to follow the advice below to help you in restoring your carpet back to normal.

• Quickly grab a clean white cloth or a paper towel and blot the spilled banana smoothie on your carpet. You need to perform this step as quickly as you can to avoid the smoothie from penetrating deep into the fibers of your carpet thus making it tougher to remove. Repeat this step until you have removed as much of the spilled smoothie out of your carpet.
• Mix one teaspoon of clear ammonia with a cup of warm water to make an effective cleaning solution that will surely remove the stain on your carpet. The ammonia will make for a really good base for a cleaning solution and will break down the smoothie stain easily.
• Apply a small amount of the ammonia-based cleaning solution on your carpet and then leave it there for three minutes. Then, get a clean white cloth and start to blot the banana smoothie stain on your carpet fibers. Blotting will help lift the smoothie stain until eventually it will be entirely gone.
• With the stain finally eliminated, finish things off by using a cup of room temperature water to rinse the area that you just cleaned. This is to avoid having any residue staying behind on your carpet fibers. Dry the area that you rinsed with some clean towels and you’re done.

Banana smoothie spills on the carpet can be quite challenging to clean if you don’t know what to do. If ever this cleaning problem happens to you at home, follow the guide above so that you can get your carpet spotless and clean once more.

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