Whether you are hiring a carpet cleaning service for your annual cleaning or because you need to get rid of some stains, you want to ensure the company you hire will provide you with a quality service. Before you go with the first option you find in the phone book, consider a few of these consumer tips for finding the right carpet cleaning service provider in your area.

Cleaning Method

The first question you should ask is what type of cleaning method they use. While some companies stick to the traditional dry chemical cleaning, others are turning to steam cleaning. Steam cleaning uses a hot water extraction method to give a better deep clean in your carpet than dry chemical cleaning can. In most cases, your carpet will only remain wet for a few hours.


Companies have a variety of pricing options. While some companies charge a flat per square foot amount for all fiber and cleaning types, other service providers will charge based on the carpet fiber type, square footage and cleaning method used. Remember that just because a company offers a high price does not mean they are the best cleaning service out there. Just the same, a company who offers affordable pricing does not mean that they are not efficient. Compare providers in the area and request specific in-home estimates to ensure you get accurate, upfront pricing.

Additional Checklist Criteria

Not all carpet cleaning companies are created equally, but no matter what, you want a reputable provider. Therefore, after consider the price and the method; consider a few of these additional checklist items:

· Are they professional?
· How do they train their staff?
· Is the company well-established?
· What do the testimonials and reviews say?
· Do they offer a wide range of services (i.e. drapes, furniture and flooring)?
· What is their attention to detail?
· Are they insured and bonded?
· How many years have they been in business?
· Do they use eco-friendly products?
· Do they offer in-home estimates?
· What is their customer satisfaction policy?

Use these additional checklist items to help narrow down your initial list. From there, request an in-home estimate and evaluation from three to four different carpet cleaning companies. Make sure to have the cleaners test your carpet fibers to make sure they are strong enough for cleaning and to ensure they use the right type of cleaning method. Carpet cleaning is just like any other investment; so you should do your homework and a little research before diving in. Learn more about carpet cleaning by clicking here.

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