“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax”. This is what we people think of while making a dreambathroom, our relaxation should be leisure. So, fill your empty bathroom walls with clever, unique decor ideas. The mostexciting part of designing a bathroom is picking up all the gorgeous materials and colours you are going to get.

A bathroom is an important area in a house, especially in a matter of cleanliness and hygiene. Apart from that, thedesign of the bathroom varies according to the preference of the homeowner. Every owner wants to make his/herbathroom relaxing and comfortable to use.

Home renovation can be hectic, complicated, and even expensive. The renovation of a house may differ from onehomeowner to the other. Even so, later after, you will be needed to refurbish your house to make it look alluring to youand your visitors.

Apart from the creativity, it’s the bathroom function that needs to give more emphasis.


Here are some major reasons that why you should renovate your house


The enjoyment and comfort of the house are very essential. Anyone would want to go to work or any other placeknowing that at the very end of the day, they would love to be back in their own comfortable and enjoyable home.

Contentment and comfort at home is an essential factor to consider.


If you are among those homeowners who plan to sell their home in the future, then renovating the house will increasethe value of the house.

Upgrading the designs of the kitchen, bathroom, and living room will increase the value of the house.

Most buyers prefer to purchase a house with attractive styles. A good home styles increase the value of the house


With time, you may need to divide the room or increase the number of rooms to accommodate the increasing numberof family members. Moreover, you may also need to increase the number of bathrooms in your house to avoidcongestion during the busy morning.


A house remodelling provides a good time to personalize your home the same way you want to do. Your type changesthroughout the year, trends change, and your home can feel a bit ­outdated after a while. Your house deserves a faceliftnow and then. Since it’s one of the most important investments you have made.


By enhancing certain features inside the home, there will be less maintenance to keep up with in the future. Holding byto repair or replace some features can be costly in the near future, so some remodelling can add financial relief tohomeowners.


While remodelling a bathroom you can prefer some of the best luxuries of the present time. There are countlessinnovations in sinks, bathtubs, toilets, and lighting. You can binge tv shows or Netflix while relaxing in a jacuzzi tub witha bubble bath or enjoy a warm toilet seat during the cold winter nights.

The bottom line

Bathroom remodeling ideas are more of a trend. It’s a necessity. If you want to give your bathroom a renovation does nothesitate.


Don’t let the small size stop you from living large.

A small bathroom can make your morning and evening a lot less glamorous and more importantly less efficient. But youdon’t have to let the small space stop you from living large.

1.Keep your color light and bright.

2.Install a shelf under the shower.

3.Add a shower niche

4.Use a ledge to create a space

5.Rethink your sink

6.Choose compact pieces

7.Use closed storage to stay organized

8.Curve some areas

9.Get your cabinet in order

10.Choose a wall mounted faucet


Whether we like it or not, the time we spend in the bathroom is very precious. It’s where some of our most favouritemoments took place. So, it should not only properly function, but it should also design for optimal comfort and leisure. While some bathrooms are grand enough to have all flexible fixing like a walk-in shower.

A large bathroom should be divided into the dry region and wet region, with that the structure of the bathroom should be contemplate

1.Fireside bathtub

2.Create a tree mural

3.Water views

4.Place functional bathroom accessories

5.Provide proper lighting

6.Add flowers and plant

7.Add a vanity set

8.Have a sitting area

9.Install big mirrors

10.Placenatural-coloured cabinets and furniture