My garden is all brown, I imagined vegetation were suppose to be inexperienced in Florida. Can I cut every thing down, so I don’t have to glance at it?

If almost everything is brown, you should have planted a great deal of tropical plants or summer months annuals. Northeast Florida does have seasons and we are now in winter season.

Deciduous shrubs and trees will not have leaves, and some, these as dogwood, Walter’s viburnum, fringe tree and crimson bud, will even make spring blooms on bare limbs. Heat time grasses naturally flip brown all through their winter season dormancy. You should not be tempted to mow them shorter. Lawn grasses must be kept at the best proposed top to guard the rhizomes from freeze harm.

Now is a superior time to examine your backyard to see what improvements you want to make. The temperature is great, so it is nice to be performing exterior. Hardy potted vegetation can be planted calendar year-round, and bare root crops should be planted although dormant. If you are not sure irrespective of whether the plant is hardy, inquire the plant nursery no matter whether it was guarded in the greenhouse all through our freeze.