Below is a compilation of properties sold in East Jefferson Parish from Dec. 22-23. Data is compiled from public records.


Transfers for Dec. 22-23


Cris Laur Ave. 73: Elizabeth Owens to Claire Richoux and Roy Herbert Jr., $151,000.

Grove Ave. 754: Kirsten B. Hebert and Thomas G. Deroche to Charles A. Breithoff, donation.

Steamship Circle 2837: Rafael A. Jarpa to Madison L. Murphy, $140,000.


Barry Ave. 132: Bernard W. Triche and Donna B. Triche to Edward S. Alpaugh Jr. and Lisa H. Alpaugh, $155,000.

Central Ave. 149: Dustin B. English and Ronda R. English to Patricia A.G. Ledoux and Elma I. Ledoux, $301,500.

Claiborne Drive 1112: Old Jefferson Development LLC to Kristin A.L. Fletcher, $279,000.

San Jose Ave. 23: John L. Taylor to Derrick S. Taylor, donation.


Avant Garde Circle 189: Viviane B. Pureza to Oscar E. Casco, $123,000.

California Ave. 3407: Mario A. Bravo to Noritza C. Bravo, donation.

Carmenere Drive 716: La Mascota Properties LLC to Shaun C. Foy and Kathleen H. Foy, donation.

Chateau Estates, no further data

American National Insurance Co. to Lambro Kenner LLC, donation.

Coleman Place 323: Willie M. Reynolds to Erica C. James, $114,760.

Compromise St. 325: Deritch M.S. Markus to Mary E.R. Gehman, $187,000.

Coronado St. 70: Loretta Donato to Wenxing Chen, Qiang Sun and Jian C.C. Liu, $292,000.

Cotton Bayou Lane 229: Donald J. Clement Jr. and Robin S. Clement to Christopher K. Ulfers and Shannon N. Ulfers, $580,000.

Fairway Drive 1240: G. 1st Construction & Renovation LLC to Jerran A. McCann and Janae McCann, $360,000.

Kansas Ave. 2013: April A. Rotolo to Richard W. Mixon, $189,000.

Kansas Ave. 2315: Landcraft Commercial Construction LLC to Cody J. Ervin, $260,924.

Kansas Ave. 2503: Cassandra M. Kovac and Brittany Kovac to Maria I. M. Toruno, $248,000.

Kenner Project 6. subdivision, lot 100A, square 132: Augusta WPM LLC to Roman S. Pokhil and Giana M. Chauppette, $435,000.

Lesan Drive 1114: Maria Bertrand to Zachary P. Dufour, $122,000.

Maine Ave. 1101: Craig F. Adam and Peri W. Adam to Stephen J. Loska IV and Maci A. Loska, $165,000.

Moisant Drive 1402: Stephen R. Pokorski, Leslie A. Pokorski and Catherine E. Pokorski to Elio G. Vindel, $205,000.

Monte Carlo Drive 17: Vittoria F. Lovisa to Harriet Dawson, $340,840.

N. Upland Ave. 608: Steven Weicks and Kristine C. Weicks to Leonidas E.G. Perez and Keysi J. Sanchez-Orellana, $219,000.

Taylor St. 1245: Richard Bloomfield and Ronnie F. Bloomfield II to Bryan A. Dardar, $280,000.

W. Louisiana State Drive 307: Francisca R. Cannett to Carolyn M. Lewis, $197,000.


27th St. 8824: Henry E. Chenet III to Wayne A. Chenet, donation.

39th St. 3021: Dianne C. Wininger, David M. Costa and Nancy D. Costa to Stephen A. Schmedtje III and Gretchen H. Schmedtje, $239,000.

Cleary, lot 17, plot 157, square A: Morris Klinger and / or Irene G. Klinger Revocable Living Trust to Mary M.K. Martin, donation.

Clifford Drive 3212: Darren D. Hathorn to Phoebe A. Hathorn, donation.

Codifer Blvd. 617: Addison P. Motch and Michelle C. Motch to Kurt Heitmeier, $515,000.

Cumberland St. 1201: SMBR LLC to Catherine P. Bennett, $339,000.

Dorrington Blvd. 106: Arthur J. O’Keefe and Mary A.W. O’Keefe to Dardel Properties LLC, $505,000.

East William David Parkway 573: Dry Properties LLC to Douglas Dovichi, $370,000.

Field Ave. 1417: Betty Crocker, William P. Archer Jr., Cynthia A. Archer and Pamela Archer to Brett G. Lacava and Nicole Lacava, $330,000.

Glenn St. 6908: Cheryl H. Martin, Pamela A.H. Macke and Robert D. Hileman to Michael D. Pogue and Xue Z. Pogue, $237,000.

Henican Place 4021: Russell A. Totora and Marie K. Totora to Ronald A. Totora, $250,000.

Hessmer Ave. 4600: Michael DiLorenzo and Jennifer DiLorenzo to Kent P. Griener and Kellie G. Griener, $550,000.

Homestead Ave. 1151: Lauren A.R. Salvaggio to Callender R. Herman Jr., $267,000.

Judith St. 2900: Brian M. Colvay to Eric J. Bornholdt, donation.

Judith St. 2900: Eric J. Bornholdt to Quinlivan Homes LLC, $182,000.

Metairie Club Gardens subdivision, lot 8A, square G: Kathleen V. White to 11 Nassau LLC, donation.

Metairie Heights Ave. 214: Zachary E. Carroll and Alida C.W. Carroll to Jill A. Rovira, $378,500.

Morningside Park subdivision, lot 5, square 41: Maria W. Evangelista to Jason M. Blackman, donation.

N. Bengal Road 1301: ATEC Homes LLC to Kaitlin M. Roth, $270,000.

Neyrey Drive 1600: Zane Z. Szegfu and Michele G. Szegfu to Justin M. Lang and Krista M. Lang, $226,500.

North Turnbull Drive 3812: Christopher A. Cabibi and Jennifer Cabibi to Jerry G. Fiegel and Pamela D. Fiegel, $480,000.

Oaklawn Drive 506: Lakeview Drive Auburn LLC to Van Tra and Juliet V.N. Tra, $335,000.

Oaklawn Drive 509: Oaklawn Drive LLC to Susan Peterson, $182,000.

One Metairie Place condo, unit 11-216: Virginia H. Guillory and Virginia G. Hebert to Arthur L. Schwertz and Sheila F.S. Schwertz, donation.

Pontchartrain Gardens A, square 42, no further data: Kiosk Inc. to Mater Investments Inc., donation.

Purdue Drive 4913: Andrew L. Russo and Kristin T. Russo to Michael A. Dilorenzo and Jennifer G. Dilorenzo, $453,000.

Purdue Drive 4937: Smith Family Trust and Shirley S. Smith to Empire Group LLC, $370,000.

Rosalie Court 5617: M&G Hernando LLC to Denise R. Soto, $305,000.

Utica St. 5012: Chere F. Hurst to Eric P. Hurst and Chere Hurst, donation.

Waltham St. 1308: Denis C. Ficarra to Philip D. Ficarra, donation.

Washington Drive 5328: Glenn Gendron and Jina Gendron to Mason J. Drouant, $373,000.

Whitney Place 2704, unit 721: Lurlene Schrieffer to Joanne Gambina and Joseph A. Tamporello, $95,000.


Garden Road 294: Elizabeth Rodrigue and Kyle J. Sanderson to Heather Pardew and Ryan M. Dwyer, $900,000.

Inez Drive 9024: Sammy R. Zito to Bruce J. Humphreys, $165,000.

Jefferson 9429: Salvatrice P. Billiot to Ryan A. Mason, $180,000.