fangting bookstore a9a rchitects 9

Fang Ting Bookstore is found in OCT O’PARK business district, close to Hutaoli. Looking from the street that is near to drinking water, the building’s exterior facade is a clear glass curtain wall. The arc’s exterior wall is 50 percent coated with a white steel curtain. Mixed with the gradual glass movie of the lessen fifty percent, a delicate balance is accomplished involving the virtual and the authentic with no affecting the internal lighting. Approaching the outside seating location, a “Book of Longing” opens a mottled brick entrance.

fangting bookstore a9a rchitects 9

On the to start with floor, four movable horseshoe system tables are divided into the most important use regions: on the left aspect of the entrance is the indoor coffee seat area in the middle, the major place is divided into the audio-visual black glue place, the everyday living aesthetics place and the audio-visual book location with the system table as the core. The system table can alter the discipline scope according to the use demand, which appears to have the magnetic attraction and independent existence.

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The suspended ceiling on the 1st floor of the bookstore combines with the cylindrical form, which is composed of numerous concentric circles of distinctive measurements. The seemingly random relationship condition offers individuals the rotating association of retro tapes.

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Walking as a result of the key room, the stair space pointing to the second floor enlarges the width of the unique stair and provides a system spot as the transition house of the two flooring. The screen area of the finest-selling leaderboards is created as a flipped shelf in the condition of a piano hammering mallet. Merged with the exhibit area of the platform, individuals are guided to shift to the middle reading through stair place.

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A staircase studying house is included by using the top of the constructing and widening the width of the initial staircase. The low peak shaped by the mezzanine and the bordering guide wall deliver the heat experience of getting surrounded by information.

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As opposed with the first amount, the 2nd stage focuses on artwork and studying. With the streamline shaped by magnetic induction traces, the primary use areas are divided into two-layer circular book space, horseshoe platform desk reserve location, changeable speech area, out of doors coffee spot, backstage place exactly where employees can rest and do the job. According to the genuine scenario, the desk place of the system can be transformed into a speech spot to boost the use of room.

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Using the collision concerning the round wall and the platform desk, the office environment of the employees is opened up. Originally, the standard wall was broken by a team of system tables, and the implication of which is also our unconventional structure principle. It not only brings together the place of internal personnel with the location used by exterior guests, but also increases the desire of the place.

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Combined with the sort of the creating alone and the design and style strategy of “electromagnetic cloud”, a two-layer circular bookcase is developed near the extension and the central place, which very first satisfies the primary demands of the bookstore, and then extends with the design factors, supplying a sensation of being surrounded by a sea of textbooks.

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The platform table in the two-tier place can change the subject range according to the relocating place of the use desire, which appears to be to have mutual attraction and unbiased existence.

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Venture Title: Fang Suo – Fang Ting Bookstore Task Site: O’PARK Professional District of Abroad Chinese Town, Chengdu Town, Sichuan Province, China Website Place: 1200 Sq. Meters Making Region: 860 Sq. Meters Clients: Sichuan Fangsuo Cultural Creativeness Co., Ltd.  Undertaking Kind: Cultural Developing – Bookstore Style: a9a rchitects Chief Designer: Jio Li Layout Team: Levis Li, Ariel Shen Architectural Pictures: Arch-Exist Photography – He Zhenhuan Inside Photography: HereSpace – He Chuan


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