Winters in Maine can be challenging enough with freezing temperatures, snow and brief times. So furnace problems are not a challenge you want. If you have pressured incredibly hot air heat, then you really should be retaining observe of — and often modifying — air filters.

If your oil, propane or pellet-fueled furnace makes use of forced air to heat your house, somewhere inside of that furnace is an air filter. Realizing the place that filter is, the very last time it was inspected and how to correctly treatment for it is essential to retain the effectiveness of your furnace.

What are furnace filters?

Believe of the filter as the unsung hero of your furnace. Your furnace is continually pulling in colder air, passing it by means of heat exchangers to warm it ahead of it travels by ducts back again out vents in your dwelling. Along the way the air is selecting up dust, filth, pet hair, dander and other lighter-than-air detritus floating all-around your house. It’s the filter’s position to avert those people particles from getting re-circulated back into the household or into the rest of the heating process.