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She sells seashells
Not since the Grand Tours of the 17th and 18th generations, when English aristocrats fell for the shell-adorned grottoes of Italy — and then re-produced them back again house — has shellwork had these types of an interiors instant.

The grotto produced by the seashell artist Blott Kerr-Wilson at Belcombe Court in Wiltshire — the family members property of Shrimps founder Hannah Weiland — is the star of the trend brand’s newest imagery. Helena Bonham Carter, pearly bag in hand, poses from a wall of intricately organized ocean treasures.

Kerr-Wilson, who initial covered an whole room in shells in her Peckham flat, in the 1990s, is on a mission to modernise shellwork. “They’re this sort of pleased objects,” she states of her most up-to-date shell-encrusted obelisks and plant pots sold…