When you are looking for affordable wine, it can seem like an overwhelming and difficult activity. This is usually because the socially accepted idea is that the better the wine, the more it costs. While this has an element of truth, you will still find an affordable wine of good quality.

If you are an avid wine drinker and have a budget, you will want to store your bottles in a well-controlled environment, like a Liebherr wine cooler built-in into a cabinet. The correct wine storage is essential for your wines to maintain their crisp flavours. 

Buying Affordable Wines

You might have a wine cellar or built-in wine fridge ready, but what do you fill it with? How do you know which wines to buy? There are well-priced wines that will tickle your tastebuds. You might have to try a few to find the ones that pop for you.

When you begin to look at finding an affordable wine, you will need a few pieces of information. This information is all about your own tastes to help you narrow down the wines that you will choose from.

  • Wine range

Do you enjoy red, white, rosè, sparkling, etc.? Once you know this, you can look at the range you enjoy.

  • Taste

This is the sweetness or dryness of the wine. Where does your taste lie? This will be important to know when choosing the best wines to try.

  • Sulfites

Some people are allergic to sulfites. The majority of wines contain sulfites. If you are looking for a sulfite-free wine, you will have to look at the organic sections.

  • Alcohol level

Some wines have a higher alcohol level due to alcohol being added. A higher alcohol level can change the flavour and contribute to the dreaded wine headache faster than a wine with less alcohol.

Finding Those Wines That Match The Budget

Finding the wines you enjoy and can afford can be a journey of trial and error – however – there are some things you can do with the above information to help make the journey successful and enjoyable.

Look At Lesser-Known Regions And Varieties

The more well-known and celebrated a region or grape is, the more expensive the wine will be. Therefore, looking at the lesser-known regions or grapes varieties can bring you similar tastes at a more affordable price. Regions like South America, South Africa, Portugal, Chile, and Spain are good options.

Ask For Advice

When you go to your local wine store, ask one of the salespersons there for advice on the wine. You can provide them with the above information and what your budget is. This will enable them to recommend the best options for your taste and within your price range.

Applications And Social Media

A variety of apps, such as Wine Searcher, offer reviews and descriptions. This can help you find the type of wine that you might enjoy. Knowing which wines you are looking at will help determine which one to try first.

Buying In Bulk

Once you know which wine you enjoy, buying in bulk makes the wine more affordable. Remember to store that wine correctly and drink it a year or two from the bottling year. However, this method makes your money stretch a little further.


Going on the journey of finding the right wine for you can be an exciting one. Have fun and enjoy each sip.

By Rehan

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