JP Carpet Cleaning Expert Floor Care today reflected on its upholstery cleaning service, first performed over a decade ago. Their upholstery cleaning method has been perfected over these past 14 years to provide you, the client, with the most effective upholstery cleaning solution. While comfortable and inviting, upholstered furniture is a hotbed for dirt, dust, and bacteria. When considering all of the skin cells we lose in a day (almost 40,000!), imagine all of those cells from every member of our family settling into your furniture. JP Carpet Cleaning Expert Floor Care uses high heat and steam, generated by their truck-mounted steam cleaning machine, to open the fibers of your upholstery and pull all of the trapped dust out. They never use chemicals, and all of their products are environmentally friendly, providing a top-notch clean, with your peace-of-mind in mind and by defying convention, this Cleaning Service for home health and wellness did so, with a difference.