Twelve-year-old Jordy Schroeder, of Auburn, caught this big rainbow trout at Lake Shawnee while fishing with his Grandpa Ray during the holidays.

Mid-creek musings while sitting in the heated dock with my underwater camera, watching all the crappie swim right past my lure.

• Luckily, I got a new Garmin Striker 4 for Christmas.

• So now I can watch the fish not bite in multiple ways!

• I’ve got some submissions from readers to get to, but let’s start things off with a quick waterfowl update.

• The geese have all but moved out of the area in northeast Kansas in recent weeks.

• On Dec. 21, Loess Bluffs National Wildlife Refuge, located on the border of Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska, noted 25,520 snow geese and 1,012 Canada geese still on the wetlands.

• As of Monday, those numbers dropped to just 15 snow geese and 210 honkers. Duck numbers also dropped from 33,261 to just 9,840, though duck season is closed in much of the state at this time anyway.