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When compared to manufactured ammunition, reloading your own ammunition can result in considerable cost savings over time. However, choosing the appropriate brass has a big influence on the reloading procedure and expense. Selecting the best brass case choice is crucial for individuals who reload 9mm ammo using a progressive press. The most common 9mm brass-for-sale options that rig reloaders should consider are examined in this article, with an emphasis on features like price, reliability, longevity, and quality. Determining the best source method involves weighing the advantages and disadvantages of different brass substitutes. 

New Brass

Premade brass provides a consistent starting point for hand loads requiring less prep work before loading at route 66 inn. However, pricier than other options requiring more batches purchased over time to increase supply. Consistent dimensions, no unknown use history but most expensive option.

Once-Fired Brass

Brass picked up at range already fired once offers cost savings reloading many times before retiring. Requires thorough cleaning to remove deposits maintaining reliable function. Quality varies depending on the previous user and ammo. Cheaper than new and may vary in shape/size based on original factory ammo. Requires thorough cleaning.

Reloadable Brass Cases

Manufacturer new production cases sold as reloadable 9mm brass for sale designed repeatedly used providing overall cost-effectiveness stockpiling large quantities. Uniform and consistent dimensions between firings supported. Purpose-made for reloading, consistent properties. More affordable than new brass in bulk.

Military Primed Brass

Surplus military brass collected before available commercially offers budget value for those seeking large 9mm brass for sale amounts at Route 66 inn. Might require additional uniform neck sizing beyond normal civilians’ use extending usable lives. Inexpensive in large quantities due to surplus origins. May need additional preparation from civilian new brass.

Ladder Brass Sets

Assortments featuring different firing counts allow testing longevity seeing which holds up over multiple reloading until worn out while learning the reloading process quicker. Variety let’s experiment with more economically diverse hand loads at shorter range distances. Collection of brass with 1,3,5 etc. firings to test lifespan. Help learn reloading techniques more affordably than full batches.

Mix-N-Match Brass Options

Combining brass types within batches provides flexibility blending higher priced new 9mm Brass For Sale with less expensive used extending inventory until ultimate retirement preventing waste of higher quality pieces usable life spans maximized, when possible, to save maximum funds at route 66 Inn over time. Stretch inventory by combining brass types, using higher-priced pieces multiple times before retirement while phasing in less expensive options over time. Allows flexibility.

The level of detail provided helps readers understand the key attributes and considerations of each popular 9mm brass option to make the best choice for their individual reloading needs and budget.


In conclusion, for individuals who frequently reload using a progressive press system, there are a variety of reasonably priced 9mm brass options available. A thorough evaluation of characteristics such as longevity, affordability, consistency, and quality enable the selection of the best option or combination of options. While military brass gives bulk savings, new manufacturing brass delivers consistency. Value testing is combined with ladder brass, reloadable, and once-fired components. By conducting a thorough study, rig reloaders may create a cost-effective, long-term plan for procuring brass that maximizes component use, enabling them to deliver reloaded 9mm ammunition on a budget.

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