As an appliance made to clean your clothes, you’d assume that your washing machine itself was clean.

But mums have been left horrified after discovering how dirty their washing machines actually are.

After seeing a cheap hack online to get the appliance gleaming, a woman took to Facebook to share her results and it’s left others in shock.

Writing in the Mums Who Clean group, the mum explained how she’d been using dishwasher tablets to rid her washing machine of grime.

She simply adds a tablet to the empty washing machine drum before turning it on for a hot cycle.

Dirty washing machine
Some mums have added up to four tablets to a wash

Within just a few minutes, the machine was filled with filthy brown water.

Using dishwasher tablets on occasion helps to break down smaller dirt particles more efficiently than regular detergent, says The Sun.

After learning how effective the tablet was at removing grime, a few mums started experimenting with how many tablets they could add to one wash, to see if the machine would come up even cleaner.

Mums sharing their dirty washing machines on Facebook
All of the dirty water that came out of the machine

One woman admitted to adding four capsules to their empty drum and she couldn’t believe how dirty her machine turned out to be, as she said: “Well to say I am disgusted is an understatement.”

Another group member shared a video of the dirty water spinning around the machine mid-wash.

She explained that only a few weeks before she’d attempted to clean it with hot water and vinegar, but it failed to do the job.

While one person said: “Decided to try using dishwasher tablets to clean my washing machine – I am now mesmerised.”

And another mum added: “I can already see the shine start to come back to the drum.”

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