We have one more Christmas gathering. That is with our family. I am looking forward to having our daughter and family from Dale, Illinois with us for the day. I just wish our granddaughter from New York could join us. But that is so far and they are dairy farmers.

But it would be so interesting to have our four great-grandsons together, especially to compare the three oldest as they are close to one age.

I read our family circle letter this morning and it sounds like Freeman and Cynthia will go to church with us. What a treat!

Way back in the day, when we were young and healthy, we would go to church every Sunday. But now, circumstances being what they are, I’m just glad we can go to our own district every two weeks.

It is always so refreshing to listen to all the voices lifted in singing the ages old hymns. Not mine, I can’t sing, must to my dismay.

And the sermons, giving us much food for thought. It seems to kind of set a topsy-turvy world right again. And always, the fellowship after church.

Sundays are truly my favorite day of the week. Especially when we can go to church. Only this past Sunday, I was wondering if we should have stayed home. With the snow, I was so afraid Erwin would fall. With a lame leg and only one good hand and that hand has to control the cane it was scary, to say the least!