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Old Hollywood Stars at Home

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vintage photos of celebrities at home   marilyn monroe in bed

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There’s a major difference between the celebrities of today versus the stars of old Hollywood: Social media. Today, fans have direct access to their favorite actors and musicians, and nothing is off-limits. They share what they had for breakfast, where they’re vacationing, and what the insides of their closets look like. But the same can’t truly be said for old Hollywood stars, like Marylin Monroe, Judy Garland, Lucille Ball, Vincent Price, and Elizabeth Taylor, right? Well, yes and no.

While it was slightly easier for the stars of yesteryear to carry an air of mystery about themselves, these film and radio legends still managed to share a bit of their personal lives with adoring fans around the world, reminding everyone that behind the flashing bulbs of glamorous red carpet premieres, someone still needs to iron the clothes, cook meals, and sort through the mail.

These rare pictures of old Hollywood stars at home capture what their lives were like off set, from their hobbies to them baking and doing housekeeping tasks just like everyone else.

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Marilyn Monroe

The blonde bombshell cuddles up on her bed to enjoy a good book.

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Lucille Ball

The I Love Lucy star bakes in her Los Angeles kitchen.

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Betty White

Hollywood’s Golden Girl sits at her desk as she sorts through mail and packages.

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Virginia Cherrill and Cary Grant

The newlyweds enjoy breakfast together in their Hollywood home.

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Joan Crawford

The Whatever Happened to Baby Jane Academy Award-winner prepares to show home movies in the living room of her Brentwood estate.

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Vincent Price

The horror actor, star of House of Wax and House on Haunted Hill, relaxes with his son in the yard of his Beverly Hills home, circa 1946.

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Judy Garland and Mickey Deans

The Wizard of Oz star Judy Garland and musician Mickey Deans enjoy a cup of tea on the floor of their London home the morning of their wedding, March 15, 1969.

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Katharine Hepburn

The actress hits the road for a brief bike ride outside her home in Ireland, where she was filming The Lion in Winter, December 14, 1967.

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Elaine Barrie and John Barrymore

Actress Elaine Barrie puts a slipper on the foot of her husband John Barrymore (grandfather of Drew Barrymore), as they lounge on the sofa with a dog by their side.

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Elizabeth Taylor and William D. Pawley Jr.

A young Elizabeth Taylor and her then-fiancé William D. Pawley Jr. pose poolside at Pawley’s family home in Miami, circa 1949.

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Bette Davis

The film star, who was a reported champion croquet player, sets up a croquet course on the lawn of her Hollywood home.

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Marilyn Monroe

The Some Like it Hot star reads a children’s book to the young daughter of a fellow Hollywood studio player.

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Jean Harlow

The original blonde bombshell poses poolside next to a small sailboat, circa 1920s.

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Shirley Temple

The former child star takes a moment to read some mail and enjoy an apple on the floor of her Los Angeles living room, circa 1944.

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Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher

The Hollywood star (mother of Carrie Fisher/grandmother of Billie Lourd) and her husband, musician Eddie Fisher, appear for a playful portrait in their Pacific Palisades abode.

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Grace Kelly

The Rear Window star relaxes with her poodle on the windowsill of her Fifth Avenue apartment shortly before departing to Monaco before her nuptials to Prince Rainier, circa 1956.

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Ava Gardner

The Academy Award nominee takes a break from the glamour of the red carpet to iron a few garments.

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