View: Law enforcement discover sixth person in a car boot amid lockdown excursion

Video footage shows the minute police pulled about 5 close friends who made a 160 mile journey in spite of lockdown principles – only to locate a sixth guy in the boot.

North Yorkshire Police officers pulled about their car or truck near Northallerton on the evening of 15 January when they uncovered the Audi had no MOT or tax.

In the recording, a person officer asks if there’s “owt or nowt” in the boot, to which a person of the adult men insists: “Nothing.”

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a blurry image of a car: A sixth man was found on the 160 mile trip, lying down in the boot. (SWNS/North Yorkshire Police)

A sixth guy was found on the 160 mile journey, lying down in the boot. (SWNS/North Yorkshire Law enforcement)

On the other hand, upon opening the boot the bemused officer finds a guy lying down.

He tells the sixth male: “Oh hi there – bounce out my buddy.”

It afterwards emerged one of the men was preferred for indecent publicity and had unsuccessful to go to courtroom, and was arrested.

North Yorkshire Police stated the mates were 160 miles from dwelling but the team did not reveal why.

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Officers searched the boot as a precaution. (SWNS/North Yorkshire Police)

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Officers searched the boot as a precaution. (SWNS/North Yorkshire Police)

They have been offered fixed penalty notices for breaching coronavirus principles, which in England say you must only leave your dwelling for a legit rationale.

The motor vehicle was also seized.

A drive spokesman said: “Thank you to every person who carries on to stay residence, remain local and stay harmless.

“And, if your journey is essential, make sure you vacation meticulously and not in the boot.”

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