Megan Church, proprietor of Pineapple Consignment, was planning her spring residence décor and home furniture consignment sale for very last spring, but for some cause, she was however to e-book a location.

“When COVID hit, the options transformed, I resolved not to do a sale in the spring and see how it would pan out in the summer season,” mentioned Church.

In June, Church began advertising exclusively on Instagram. “I had performed little variations in advance of that hadn’t absent as perfectly, but this time they finished up accomplishing perfectly, so I have been accomplishing one or two a month due to the fact,” she reported.

The Pineapple Consignment business enterprise model was established in 2018 to stay away from Facebook Marketplace. Church desired to eschew the challenges of assembly a stranger, exchanging income, bartering and finding stood up.

Megan Church celebrated her 10th Pineapple Consignment sale on Aug. 21, 2020. Church was a stylist and production assistant before she launched Pineapple Consignment in 2018. Because of the pandemic, she has put her pop-up consignment sale events on hold and curates Instagram online sale events twice a month.

Church puzzled how she could shift to on-line product sales, whilst defending each her potential buyers and sellers. “I arrived up with some guidelines,” she stated. “It is anonymous like a group estate sale, I pick and decide on which objects to listing. And an additional rule is that the buyer pays in advance of I even hook up them with the seller. That is an incentive for them to decide up the product.”