You never have to have to be capable to link to the Online or even just smartphones to be wise, even although the marketing and advertising term has been appropriated accurately to explain that. Often, you just have to be sensible about squeezing the very best out of functions to make lifetime much more easy for individuals. The Proscenic P11 cordless vacuum cleaner is not precisely intelligent in the World wide web-linked feeling but does check out to be wise in its use of a impressive brushless motor to suck the filth out of your existence. We give it a spin, practically pretty much, to seriously see if it can stand up to its promises, even if the vacuum cleaner simply cannot literally stand on its individual.

Style and design

With out the brush head, the Proscenic P11 pretty much seems to be like some sci-fi gun prop. Certainly, it even has a bring about layout under the major “barrel” that properties the motor as well as the .65-liter dust bin. Not like a normal bring about, nevertheless, you really do not have to have to retain your finger on it to operate the vacuum cleaner. It operates much more like a switch to flip it on and off.

As a cordless vacuum cleaner, the Proscenic P11 is designed to be lightweight, just a minor under 1.8kg. Element of that, on the other hand, is thanks to an overgenerous use of plastic, which could possibly not inspire confidence in the product’s extensive-time period longevity. At the exact time, it also would make it effortless and snug to carry the P11 to attain increased destinations.

Even though the operation of the cordless vacuum cleaner is generally guide, it does have a touch of modern technological know-how on its back. It has a touch LED monitor that displays the battery stage, operation mode, and even mistake codes. Regardless of being touch-delicate, the only region you are going to genuinely be touching is the base button that cycles by way of the 3 different modes obtainable.

The battery, which is composed of 8 lithium-ion Samsung batteries, is removable and rechargeable. You can recharge it on the wall dock possibly on its personal or with the P11 nevertheless attached. This is also the greatest way to keep the vacuum cleaner given that it can’t stand upright on its possess so you will have to lay it down horizontally if you ever want to stow it away from the dock.

Suction Power

Cordless vacuum cleaners in no way actually experienced issues with looks. The major concern most persons will really have is how robust these will be. Conventional vacuum cleaners are ready to attract far more power and have bigger motors, something that’s fairly a lot contrary to the quite nature and structure of their cordless counterparts.

That’s why Proscenic is rather happy of its 450W brushless motor that can arrive at 130,000 rpm speeds to produce 25,000 Pa (atmospheric force) of suction electric power. It is definitely a phase up from their former P10, pretty much two times the power, but there will always be compromises to be manufactured among portability and ability. That compromise, extra typically than not, boils down to battery life.

Proscenic advertises just about 60 minutes of use on the most affordable power placing but even that is considerably too generous an estimate, averaging in between 45 to 55 minutes in fact. Optimum ability can drag that determine down to 10 to 12 minutes, even. In quick, the Proscenic P11 appears to be to be far better geared up to handle light-weight and limited cleaning hundreds, one thing its genuine functionality would seem to verify.

The Nitty-Gritty

You would presume that with these a strong motor, the Proscenic P11 would make short get the job done of dust, dust, and even pet hair in your property. As usually, the solution is very a lot “it depends”. To be extra unique, it truly is dependent not just on what you are seeking to suck up but also the surface area you are working on.

On difficult and flat surfaces and dry objects, the P11 is effective like a champ, drawing in beans, hair, dust, powder, and other sources of cleaning headaches. Stains or damp elements, nonetheless, can be a bit tough even with the mopping device that can be magnetically hooked up to the again of the floor head. It has a crafted-in tank for water but mainly takes advantage of gravity to feed-drip into the microfibre fabric. It may well not normally be adequate for harder stains.

The Proscenic P11, nonetheless, really substantially falls on its confront with carpets. More substantial particles on the surface of the carpet are no difficulty but it has a tougher time sucking out people trapped deep into the product. Worse, the brushes could even conclude up spreading and pushing items like powder further into the carpet. Proscenic endorses working with Car manner when cleansing carpets but Max may well not even be adequate for this task.


At only $259, the Proscenic P11 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner unquestionably appears like a steal. Its lightweight design and style can make it comfy to use when reaching specified areas, with the correct brush head, of course. The conveniently detachable batteries are surely handy, particularly if you have spares to slash down on the downtime.

Regrettably, it appears to be that the P11 is not made to tackle more significant work. It is high-quality for mild and frequent cleaning but will not slice it for major disasters. It could be an perfect instrument to insert to your closet or wall if you never have substantially of individuals or really don’t have a carpet. Otherwise, you might be pressured to glimpse for stronger alternatives that could be a bit over your spending plan.