There are attributes required for someone to be a good carpet cleaner that are often ignored by cleaning service agencies. I have been studying and supervising the cleaning of home and office carpets for many years now and I believe I’ve narrowed down the qualities of a good cleaner. For someone to be able to offer excellent carpet cleaning service, he would have to have the following personal characteristics:

He can accommodate different kinds of clients. Being able to serve and satisfy various types of customers is a clear sign of a cleaner’s experience and capabilities. You can’t trust a carpet cleaner who can only clean your living room to provide quality service. A good cleaner should be able to accommodate jobs in both residential and commercial establishments.

He is presentable, friendly and helpful. Like in most professions, the abilities of a cleaner are reflected by his appearance and behaviour. If a carpet cleaner is dressed reasonably and behaves in a jovial but professional manner, the chances are high that he will do a good job.

He shows good sense and judgment. Some carpets react badly to certain cleaning methods, some stains require a particular process to remove, some fabrics are more delicate and needs more attention: a cleaner’s job requires calculations and adjustments. If a cleaners can do only one type of cleaning, he’s really not very capable.

He is physically fit. This is one of the subtle qualities of a good carpet cleaner, but it does show whether a cleaner works hard and, by extension, can provide good service. Carpet cleaning can actually be exhausting work: wide areas need to be cleaned repeatedly and a good clean requires some heavy lifting (of furniture and upholstery).

He belongs to a trusted agency. A good cleaner will have worked for different clients and on different types of carpets, which he can only do if he is connected to an agency. Additionally, an established cleaning service agency will most likely conduct regular assessments of its employees in order to assure that the company and its staff provide only quality service.

He works efficiently and at a reasonable price. Commercial or business establishments can’t afford to have their floors reserved for cleaning for a long time. These places need their space to earn and therefore those working on it need to work quickly, but still be able to give a thorough job. A good carpet cleaner will find pride on his work and will not overprice his service.

He delivers what he promises. That should go without saying, but really it has. A lot of cleaners promise to offer the best service in town, but few really do live up to the expectations that they build. Customers should check with a cleaner’s previous jobs to know what he is really capable of.

Carpets can be great additions to any place. It adds style and makes any room homelier and more comfortable. Any home- and establishment owners should only trust their carpets to someone who shows the qualities of a good carpet cleaner.

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