Seven Continents, One Home: Sequoia National Park in U.S.


Do you know which the major tree in the world is? The response stands tall in the Sequoia Nationwide Park in the U.S. state of California. The Basic Sherman tree, topped as the world’s most important tree based on the volume of its trunk is a most important attraction in the park. Standing at a height of a 27-story developing, the General Sherman is believed to be all over 2,300 to 2,700 decades outdated. 

CGTN reporter Mark Niu will get you on a tour to see these big Sequoia trees including the Common Sherman, learn about their special marriage with fireplace and appealing history, and have an amazing come upon with other wildlife in the park.

About the ‘Seven Continents, A single Home’ sequence:

On Intercontinental Day for Organic Range this yr, sign up for CGTN to travel about the world’s national parks and reserves throughout seven continents. Check out the “nationwide treasure” huge pandas in China’s Shaanxi Qinling, koalas and kangaroos in Australia, the towering Sequoia trees in The united states, the Royal Botanical Yard in Britain, lions and elephants in the African savannah and penguins and seals on the Antarctic ice. Let us wander into the wild and get to know our buddies in character!

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(Address impression through CFP video clip filmed by CGTN America’s Joe Orlando, edited by Joe Orlando and CGTN’s Zhao Ying)

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