These bold stripes provide a youthful and adventurous background for an upbeat living space.

Editor’s note: This is the ultimate Household to Household column.

       Making a residence that nurtures, that looks and feels proper, has lots of of the identical challenges anywhere you are living. We have coated dozens of subjects and answered hundreds of your inquiries in this column, and it can be your opinions that has provided us course. Decorating strategies appear not just from what is new and fashionable, but also, and just as vital, from remedies to the difficulties of holding up our properties so they do the job very well and energize us in our daily lives, what ever the funds.

       Right now I would like to emphasis on a few questions that have recurred about the months. We have not been ready to solution each question we gained individually, so I hope these common thoughts and guidance are useful to all those we listened to from routinely who share comparable problems.