When you want to get a new carpet for your home, office or for other areas, you should know what type of carpet you should get. There are different types of carpet, made from different types of fibers. Each has its unique qualities and characteristics, which if used or placed in the wrong location, can shorten the lifespan of your carpet. In getting one, consider first your budget and the area that you’re going to place it in.

Here are the following types of carpet fibers and how you should care for each:


The most common type of fiber that people look for when getting a new carpet is nylon. It is known for its durability and high performance. This type of carpet fiber has good resilience, abrasion-resistant and has a good soil-hiding ability. It is also stain-resistant, provided that stain treatment is applied on it. It is known to be the strongest and most durable type of carpet fiber, making it the ideal choice for places which have heavy traffic.

Caring for nylon carpets is not quite tough compared to other types of carpet fibers. In dealing with stains, it would be best to wipe it as soon as possible. Although the carpet may be stain-resistant, prolonging the time the stain stays in your carpet also increases the chances that it will become hard to remove. You should also make sure that you vacuum your nylon carpet frequently. This can help remove dirt and other small items which can contribute to ruining your carpet.


It is also known as olefin. Carpets made from this kind of fiber often costs less than that of a nylon fiber. It is known for its superior stain resistance, in exception to oil-based stains. It is also resistant to bleach and sun fading. However, this type of carpet is not as durable as nylon carpets. Placing it in high traffic areas like schools, offices, etc. can damage your carpet easily, but it can withstand a busy family room at home.

In caring for this type of carpet, make sure that you don’t drag your furniture across it, as this can cause the fibers to fuse because of its low melt point. It has poor abrasion resistance compared to that of a nylon fiber. However, because of its high stain, mildew, and moisture resistance, it would be the ideal choice for damp areas.


This type of fiber often produces the most beautiful color variations available. It is highly resistant to stain and fading, but it has low resilience and durability in terms of handling heavy traffic just like an olefin carpet. It is much more susceptible to soiling, so it would be best to clean the carpet regularly to help prolong its use.


Among the different types of carpet fibers available, wool is the most expensive. However, it also has high resilience and durability. It is also resistant to soiling and abrasion, but is very susceptible to moisture and mold build-up. In cleaning wool carpets, you should avoid over-wetting as the carpet holds water. Other than that, wool fiber is also susceptible to shrinking.

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