Although not all Chick-fil-As are operate the identical way, a ton of them are obviously executing a little something correct. In accordance to Consume This, Not That!, a 2018 survey found that Chick-fil-A was thought to be the cleanest eateries in the country. There is a easy explanation that you don’t will need to fret around cleanliness in the restaurant’s kitchens and restrooms, no make any difference when you come to a decision to pay a stop by. Bolton points out in her piece for Lemonade Stand that the chain doesn’t do points in a haphazard manner. Basically, when Chick-fil-A has sluggish several hours, its staff members make it a position to retain themselves occupied by actions this sort of as cleaning or education. They’re both finding greater at their position or making the restaurant a neater, tidier place.

Additionally, you will find a demanding checklist that workforce users at each Chick-fil-A outlet need to have to adhere to each individual one working day to make absolutely sure that the cleanliness requirements are maintained. Bolton also says that in the kitchen area, “each station is wiped down and everybody is paying focus to the screens that indicate what meals needs to be designed next.” That enables you to be at relieve and get pleasure from your meal in a mess-no cost environment. Spectacular stuff, eh?