Hour 1

In Hour 1 of the Today’s Home owner Radio Podcast, discover how to clear away rusty bolts from concrete, get the most out of kitchen cupboard room and additional.

Eliminating Rusty Bolts From Concrete

Rust can distribute through concrete if you do not reduce or seal off the source. (Stolk, Getty Visuals Signature)

Cliff Dodd in Cell, Ala., a short while ago eliminated his pool diving board and pedestal base, but the seriously rusty bolts are nevertheless embedded in the concrete.  

“When I took dive off, the bolts have been 3 rusted mounds. I couldn’t differentiate between the nuts, bolts and washers,” he says.

He desires to know, is there a way to eliminate the bolts, and if not, what is the very best way to avert these old bolts from rusting and acquiring a rust stain on the concrete in the potential?

Taking away bolts from concrete can be tricky, due to the fact they ended up put there in the to start with area to continue to be set. To take out them, use a center punch tool to drill a hole in the middle of the bolt. Then, drill it out as significantly of the rusty bolt as you can. Following that, use a hammer and chilly chisel to crush what’s remaining of the bolt inward to get it beneath the surface. This way you are not disturbing the concrete all around it far too a lot.

An additional choice is to grind the bolts down below the surface as a great deal as you can. To do this, use a disc grinder, and make positive you dress in basic safety gloves and glasses whilst carrying out it. Hone the grinder back and forth right until the bolt is about a quarter-inch under the surface area.

To avoid the rusted bolts from staining the concrete, spray or brush on two to 3 coats of metallic primer more than the rusted bolt. This will seal off the rust and maintain it from spreading into the concrete. To maintain the paint from acquiring on to the concrete area, cut a gap that’s the identical dimension as the bolt in a paper plate and location it around the bolt place.

Upcoming, protect the holes with a concrete patch. The challenge when operating with current concrete is acquiring the patch to match. For a uniform seem, implement a concrete resurfacer over the total slab.

Getting the Most Out of Your Cupboard House

Hand opening a kitchen cabinet
Pull-out shelves avoid an avalanche of Tupperware when you open up cabinets. (sirawitt99, Getty Photos)

Dorene in Pennsylvania demands some information on her kitchen area cabinet storage. 

She has pull-out cabinets in her foundation cupboards, but 50 % of them are damaged. She’s all set to just take out them and set up everlasting half cabinets. 

Our guidance: Don’t set up stationary cabinets repair service or change the pull-out cabinets.

When you seem at the cubic toes of storage in a cabinet, you are only using about 50 percent of it with stationary 50 percent shelves. 

With a complete pull-out shelf, you can use the most area and continue to have uncomplicated obtain to your goods. 

Restoring the pull-out cabinets could be as easy as changing the slides. Order new slides via the producer.  

To benefit from even additional cabinet place, think about putting in a new pull-out shelf configuration. Home Depot gives numerous pull-out alternatives, from corner cabinet pullouts to spice racks and more. 

Just before getting, acquire cautious measurements of the depth and width of a cupboard. Retrofitted pieces of components are only expandable to a particular diploma. 

Hour 2

In Hour 2, we chat about the professionals and downsides of peel-and-adhere wallpaper, the ideal paint for hardwood floors and more.

Execs and Cons of Peel-and-Adhere Wallpaper

Roll of wallpaper sticking to wall
Peel-and-stick wallpaper is a momentary way to insert style to a area. (asbe, Getty Visuals Signature)

Peel-and-adhere wallpaper is fantastic for renters or home owners who like to improve their interior layout often.

For the reason that the adhesive is now used, you do not have to fear about creating a mess with paste.    

Prior to obtaining peel-and-adhere wallpaper, take into account the subsequent:

Price tag: Rates for peel-and-adhere wallpaper can differ. The less costly it is, it will probably be extra difficult to hold it effortlessly. If you are on a budget and likely with the cheapest price point, think about just using it for an accent wall. Also, maintain in head that the less costly adhesive may possibly injury your wall.

The bigger in rate you go, the less complicated the software and much better the hold will be. Also, the extra pricey kinds are simpler to take away and go away powering significantly less residue.

Spot: Right before putting up peel-and-adhere wallpaper, choose the area into consideration. A toilet is extremely humid, so you will need wallpaper with a solid adhesive. Otherwise, it may possibly peel off by alone. 

Also, mainly because peel-and-adhere wallpaper is built from plastic, warmth can soften it. Really don’t install it near a stove or a hearth. 

Our suggestions: Really do not purchase the most inexpensive solution. Buy mid-rate peel-and-stick wallpaper and usually verify the assessments. If you obtain it prices the exact as common wallpaper, you may possibly as very well cling typical wallpaper. 

Painting a Wooden Floor

Paint roller on paint tray with white paint on wood floor
If you should paint a wooden flooring, be guaranteed to prime it very first. (mattjeacock, Getty Photographs)

Karen Pittman in Tennessee lives in an older property that desires new flooring. Her existing floors are wooden, but she says they’re not value refinishing. 

“Until we can afford to pay for new flooring, is there a paint that will withstand the pitter patter of my 100-pound puppy’s very little feet?” she asks.

We really don’t often suggest portray a wooden flooring, but if it’s your only alternative, you have to have to use the correct variety of paint. 

Behr Premium Small-Lustre Enamel Porch and Patio Ground Paint will maintain up to the major foot site visitors of that 100-pound “puppy.” An anti-slip solution is also obtainable. 

To paint the wooden floors, prep it like you would any floor for portray and include a coat of primer. 

Examine “Painting Wood Floors” for a in depth manual on how to do it. 

Red shade sail
A shade sail is a elegant way to seek out shelter from the sun. (3 Echoes Material Studio)

All over The Garden

This time of 12 months we devote extra and additional time exterior. But for numerous of us It is just downright Sizzling in July. So acquiring some shade for our outside living areas is a precedence. If you never just come about to have a beautifully positioned tree more than your deck or patio, in this article are some concepts that may give you some aid from the Summertime solar. 

A pergola or arbor is the to start with factor lots of individuals imagine about when they want shade, but most of these constructions do not basically offer much of it on their very own. People vertically oriented boards throughout the best of them appear genuinely amazing but they only block the sunshine at just the ideal angle. However, if you plant some climbing vines around the perimeter of the framework, in time they’ll develop a canopy about the arbor that gives lots of shade.

If early morning or late afternoon sunlight is a issue in your beloved location, you may well get some relief from a vertical hanging display. The major decision right here is no matter if you want to be able to move the monitor when the sun isn’t intruding. Lattice panels are excellent for fixed screens but for a movable alternative, you could look at a rolling monitor that functions significantly like a window shade on a more substantial scale. I’ve even seen individuals make shade curtains from fall cloths with some achievements.

But by significantly the simplest and most well-liked way to produce shade is by hanging a fabric shade sail above the room. These are out there in a wide variety of designs, dimensions and colours dependent on your problem. The significant thing to look at here is the tie-down locations. Be certain they’re strong plenty of to aid the shade in the wind and enable some way to re-pressure it since it will inevitably start to sag about time. 

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Finest New Solutions

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Uncomplicated Solutions

Spray bottle spraying ammonia into outdoor trash can
Ammonia not only disinfects trash cans, but it also repels critters. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

Pest-Proof Your Garbage Cans — Fill a spray bottle with ammonia and spray the outdoors of your garbage cans to repel raccoons, canines and other critters from knocking over and rummaging via your trash. Also, liberally spray the ammonia on the ground about the rubbish cans. 

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DIY drywall pole sander made from a sponge mop
Changing a sponge mop into a pole sander can preserve you from stretching. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

Improvised pole sander — A pole sander is wonderful for sanding and smoothing heaps of diverse surfaces, like walls, ceilings, decks and porches. However, if you don’t individual a pole sander, you can make a single from a sponge mop. Begin by removing the sponge head from the mop and then wrap it in sandpaper. Screw the head back again onto the mop and you’ve acquired a very long-handled resource which is prepared for sanding.

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