In some cases Valentine’s Day is one of the important occasions to buy a gift for your loved one. Many men cannot tell the difference between those gifts that are suitable and those that aren’t. Every woman is an individual, so some women may like jewellery or might be quite happy with breakfast in bed. So i have listed some rules and gift ideas below so you will hopefully get that perfect Valentine gift for your loved one.

Bath/Shower Products

Personally I would not buy my girlfriend bath/shower products for Valentine’s day, at least not as a main gift. The present will get shoved to the back of the cupboard or get put into storage then probably re-used as another gift to a family member or friend. I would suggest taking the romantic route, with an experience day to a spa where she will be away for the day. Meanwhile, you could prepare a romantic meal when she comes home.


Buying sexy lingerie for a Valentine’s gift might be a bad move. I don’t think my girlfriend would be very flattered if I gave her a box and it contained a leather thong and bra. If your choice is lingerie I would suggest buying something she can relax and be comfortable in such as something long, loose and flowing or something that is more attractive like sexy boxers and a cute T-shirt.

Home & Garden Gifts

Don’t ever buy your Valentine garden tools or a cookery set; she might get the wrong idea, and look at this gift from another angle. Instead take her to an expensive restaurant; or better yet cook a meal yourself for her. If you wanted to buy home gifts for Valentine’s day make sure to buy suitable home gifts, maybe something for the bedroom such as silk sheets or a new bed.


If you wanted to buy jewellery for your other half on Valentine’s Day you need to be careful, because jewellery as a present on Valentines is very common. So I would suggest buy a piece of jewellery what means something to her; keep it unique. If you’re still dating and you wanted to buy her jewellery you shouldn’t go for rings, stick to other jewellery forms such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Make sure the jewellery isn’t fake because she will find out when her neck or fingers start going green.

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