One of the most common problems we face in our day-to-day life is removing stains from carpets. However careful one may be, staining your carpet in some way or the other is inevitable. Carpets once installed can’t be removed from their place and this itself provides us with the challenge of removing stains from carpets. Especially, substances like ketchup or coffee tend to leave a stain on forever.

While it is very difficult to remove stains from carpets, this article will help you with ways to do so without much difficulty.

Common Carpet Stains and ways to treat them

Here in this article, a checklist of the most common stains is provided along with ways to clean the stains.

  1. Coffee stains– coffee stains account for the majority of carpet stains giving your carpet a soiled look. The primary step is to instantly soak up as much coffee as you can by using a blotting paper. If blotting paper is not present at your home, you can use napkins and even a cloth as long as the purpose is fulfilled. Now to remove left over stains you can use an array of products available at supermarkets. If you want to go with home products, you can use a mixture of vinegar and water along with a detergent. Rinse it again and again till the stain is cleared completely. Of course, if the stain is large enough and you don’t think you’ll be able to clean it yourself, you can hire a cleaning service provider to take care of the stain for you.

  1. Ink stains– this kind of stain requires special mentioning. Here the first step isn’t rubbing the carpet with a cloth. Rather, one should use alcohol to clean the stain as alcohol solubilize the ink. Use distilled alcohol or commercially available cleaning alcohol. Soak the cloth in alcohol and dab it on the stain. As stated earlier, prevent rubbing the carpet. The stain will eventually disappear with dabbing repeatedly. Now dry the spot using the vacuum cleaner. One can even use nail polish remover if the stain is of considerable size.

  1. Pet stains– The probability of having a pet stain on your carpet is quite high if you own a pet. Both the stain and odour tend to remain due to pet stains. The first step is to take care of the mess. This will be best followed by moistening the stain with water and gently cleaning it with a cloth repeatedly. After that use vacuum to dry the spot. One can use a deodoriser to take care of the smell. You can even take help from professionals. You might be thinking where to find carpet cleaners near me, but it can be done easily in any agency dealing with a tradesman.

  1. Blood stains– Blood stains can be adamant and can be cleaned using cold water and a mixture of hard detergent sprayed over it and rubbing it repeatedly in a thorough fashion.

To keep your carpet clean from common stains you can follow the above steps. But if you find it difficult you can always hire carpet cleaning services that’ll do the job for you.

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