Banding the HummingbirdA hummingbird species that typically would make its property in the western portion of the United States has been drawing birders and photographers to the Fairfax County Park Authority’s Environmentally friendly Spring Gardens in Alexandria, Virginia. A fowl bander credentialed by the U.S. Geological Survey has con-firmed that a female Rufous hummingbird has made its way to Virginia.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Support claimed the Rufous hummingbird is incredible since of the fantastic distances it can migrate from wintering grounds as far south as Mexico to breeding grounds as much north as Alaska, but the migration route is generally along the West Coast. The fowl that took a extensive detour to Eco-friendly Spring Gardens is described as an soon after hatch-12 months female with five colourful gorget (throat) feathers.

At the banding on Jan. 13, 2021, the little fowl had a wing duration of 43.69 millimeters and a tail duration of 27 millimeters. The width of its outermost tail feather was 3.96 millimeters, and it experienced a culmen, or monthly bill, duration of 17.86 millimeters. For reference, there are about 25 millimeters in an inch. The hummingbird weighed just 3.4 grams, the body weight of about 3 1/2 paper clips. For birding fanatics, below are a couple of other stats:

  • Grooving on monthly bill:
  • Body fat: (on scale of -3)
  • Wing molt: Primaries #1-4 changed, most important #5 lacking, primaries #6-10 unmolted
  • System molt: Approximately 50% of back feathers had been changed

It’s unusual to see any hummingbirds in our region at this time of year, and park patrons who wish to see the Rufous hummingbird are cautioned to keep their length in buy to retain from horrifying this rare visitor absent. Park employees will proceed to supply nectar feeders in the course of the winter season months and anticipate that the bird will continue to be in the gardens for the remainder of the season.

Inexperienced Spring Gardens is situated at 4603 Environmentally friendly Spring Road, Alexandria, Virginia. For much more info, get in touch with 703-642-5173 or check out Environmentally friendly Spring Gardens.