Advanced carpet cleaners are in high demand. More and more people are interested in replacing their old cleaners with advanced ones endowed with special features and modern technology. Traditional cleaning was limited to removing dirt and dust but the new age cleaning carpet machines are programmed to beautify and brighten the carpets making them as new as possible. Traditional carpet cleaning was aimed at mere cleaning but at present carpet cleaners focus on cleaning as well as improving the durability and age of our exotic carpets.

Hot water extraction or steam cleaning is the most popular technology employed by advanced cleaning carpet systems. Nevertheless, other systems are also upgraded with futuristic changes and they possess their own merits. Besides the technology, the fundamentals of cleansing have also undergone modernization. Cleaning carpet chemicals produced in our contemporary hygiene industry are more reactive than ever. Some of the best formulas featured by these advanced cleaners include green carpet cleaning solutions and encapsulated dry-cleaning technique.

Usually steam based carpet cleaners require 15 minutes to heat up. However, advanced cleaners incorporate dual heating elements that speed up the entire process reducing the heating time by 2/3rd of the conventional standards. Now, you don’t have to postpone your cleaning carpet task just because you are in a hurry. You can adjust the pressure levels to intensify and accelerate the cleaning process. With pressure limits as high as 500 psi, you can enjoy swift removal of all sorts of stubborn stains within a matter of minutes.

Traditional carpet cleaning systems required 15 to 20 hours for the carpets to dry up. This caused lot of inconveniences to the users. Modern manufacturers have adequately identified and eliminated this issue. New cleaners employ low-flow technology that allows the carpets to dry in less than 6 hours. The technology is a combination of three features that includes high temperatures, powerful extraction, and minimal water usage. The cleaning is done after considering the above three factors that allows thorough cleansing and quick drying.

Most of the manufactures are building cleaners equipped with eco friendly cleaning techniques and tools. The concept of green cleaning carpet was developed in the same lines. The solutions used for scrubbing the dirt off the carpet are made of organic raw materials that are plant based.

In the earlier days, carpet cleaning was considered as a chore and it took lot of time to haul the heavy machine from one room to another. At present you won’t find such bulky cleaners anymore. Modern cleaning machines are more compact and more transportable. Different companies compete with each other on the basis of such features that increase utility and comfort. With the introduction of portable cleaners, demand for these machines increased considerably. These handy and compact devices can be transported from one place to another without any apparent discomfort. This has also facilitated easy handling of the entire cleaning session.

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