What are the importance of walkways within your garden landscape? They are an essential component of your garden’s appearance. It does not take long for the places where folk frequently tread to begin to look walked and faded if there are no walkways to guard it.

The wonderful thing about walkways comes from the cultured mix of both the materials used and the shapes they and the walkway’s trail take. A bed of either heavy sand or small-pebbled gravel is generally laid and then the interlocking bricks are hammered into place employing a wooden or rubber mallet.

Well made walkways will have a slope or crown to them, which is simply a hump in the middle that allows water to empty off so that it doesn’t puddle on the walkway.

Other common elements that are included in walkways are casual seating areas such as, benches and platforms, for example. There may also be handrails for bridges or raised areas, or lighting elements for night ambiance, and maybe a great pool setting to reinforce the entire area.

Other additions like bird baths, feeders, squirrel hutches, pet-friendly plants, and other additions can make lively animals move in and round the walkway to give great entertainment and life to the gardens round the walkway.

There are many simple landscape plans available that can help you to design and implement walkways and garden paths around your own home or condo. It doesn’t have to cost much money and is one of the easier jobs for a DIY person to try out.

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