Kath Osborne, by e mail, asks: I hold seeing the phrase ‘clean wine’. What is this? Is it the exact same as all-natural wine?

 Anne Krebiehl MW, a standard contributor to Decanter, replies: Cleanse wine is nothing but a advertising ploy that exploits buyer ignorance about how wine is designed. This notion has worked in cosmetics for a prolonged time, and now cynical marketeers are implementing it to wine, declaring their merchandise as ‘clean’, implying that it is generated to supposedly bigger well being benchmarks than other wines – denigrating individuals in the system.

No wine is ‘clean’, for the reason that wine incorporates alcoholic beverages. ‘Clean’ wine can’t be compared to pure wine, which, with no lawful definition, usually implies wine made from grapes developed with low environmental effect and vinified both devoid of additives or with as couple as achievable, notably the preservative sulphur dioxide.

In a way, most of these wines are significantly ‘cleaner’ than these purporting to be ‘clean’.

Involved people are far better off looking for wines that have been licensed organic and natural, biodynamic or sustainable.

This was 1st released in the December 2020 problem of Decanter magazine. 

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