Italian cuisine has the most flavored recipes in the world. Why is that? The answer is simple: Italian herbs. You can have an Italian herb garden at the comfort of your home.

First herb in the Italian herb garden list is Basil. When planting basil make sure you do it in a place that is reached by sunlight. Basil is a herb that is really sensitive to cold temperatures. It also has many uses. You can use it to enhance your recipes. The commonly known caprese salad with tomatoes slices, mozzarella and basil is a huge delight for you or your friends.

Garlic is another famous Italian herb. To plant garlic you need a sunny spot and a not too wet soil. Make sure that when you plant it you do it within 2 or 3 inches between each bulb. The plants are tough and will come up during the spring. When the leaves turn brown is the time you know they need to be harvested. You can do plenty of things with garlic. Most Italian recipes include this specie. You can store it in a freezer or fridge.

Oregano is another basic herb in this type of garden. It should be planted in a sunny and well drained location. You don’t need to plant a lot since they grow and spread as crazy and deliver plenty of leaves to cut. Once rule you got to keep in mind is that oregano is tastier if cut before the plant flowers.

Rosemary is next in the list. It’s also a plant that needs warm weather to grow. This herb is sensitive to frosts. It has a great fragrance and its beautiful blue flowers make your landscape look astonishing. Rosemary leaves can be cut off the stems to prepare some recipe. You can use it in salads, as garnish or to enhance lamb or chicken flavor.

Fennel is other must in an Italian garden. It also needs sunlight and a well drained soil. It’s a perennial herb which means that should be divided and replanted every couple of years since they tend to lose flavor as they grow. Fennel is good for herbal teas, to cook chicken or other vegetables

Now you are good to go. Plant your Italian herb garden and enjoy the European cuisine!

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