Martha Stewart is the first multi-hyphenate: She’s a media individuality, cookbook writer, operator of Martha Stewart Omnimedia, and a lot more. The octogenarian is an unbelievably savvy businesswoman—just lately, she collaborated with Baccarat on a line of wonderful crystal glasses that act as the excellent vessel for a batch of do-it-yourself Martha-ritas. Among the her many business enterprise ventures and talents, Stewart is acknowledged for her enviable interiors and attractive gardens, so we had been stunned when she exposed the a person piece of decor she’ll never ever put in her home.

When questioned about the just one style and design pattern she was prepared to see go absent, Stewart stated, “I don’t believe curtains are totally vital.” While you won’t catch Stewart obtaining curtains or drapes on the windows in her country estate in Katonah, New York, she does not leave her windows fully unadorned. “Fabric designers and fabric makers could not like me, but I like shades,” she suggests. “I have shades on all my home windows to guard the home furniture, the fabrics on my bed, and my rugs from fading. But I actually really do not treatment about having a great deal of draperies, curtains, or extravagant window treatments.”

It’s no top secret that we’re major enthusiasts of window treatment options here at VERANDA. We like employing boldly colored curtains, patterned drapes, or even matchy-matchy window solutions to make a space come to existence. So when domestic queen Martha Stewart reported she wouldn’t set them in her household, it stopped us in our tracks and made us momentarily reevaluate all of our inside design decisions.

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Luckily, Stewart was quick to relieve our curtain considerations. She says, “They’re stunning, I never have something from them, I just really don’t reside with them…I like to search outside the house. Every window [in my home] seems to be out to anything wonderful, and it’s just all open to the look at.”

Given that Stewart’s estate is positioned on around 150 acres of lush land that boasts perfectly manicured potager gardens, slicing gardens, shaded fern gardens, a woodland complete of hundreds of Japanese maple trees, and much more, we cannot precisely blame her for seeking to forgo the window treatment plans and stare at these spectacular vistas all day.